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Lower Back Pain Relief Products – Good or Bad?

Learn about back pain products for relief

With doctors charging premiums for pain issues in patients, many sufferers opt to find lower back pain relief products themselves hoping for some way to rid themselves of the pain. Even temporary or minor reduction in discomfort allows people to continue productive, active lives. Learn more about some items in the marketplace that can sometimes help users.

Most healthcare professionals would advise to first be seen for an evaluation of the pain experienced by the person. A full analysis should always be done to focus on the type of ailment, cause, as well as treatment. Many people skip this step for various reasons including time, work schedules,family responsibilities, school or just simply trying to fix themselves with self-help. The knowledge a trained healthcare professional can share is invaluable and is highly recommended.

Some lower back pain relief products that are suggested for those who want to help themselves are grouped into different categories. Braces for the lower back are plentiful in the marketplace. These can range from simple to extreme. A typical back brace wraps around the entire body front to back and supports the area just above the waist.

This is used to give support to the area especially for those who are lifting or physically active. Often seen in weightlifters, these support braces are often made with a velcro close in the front to allow easy adjustment and fit to the user. An enhanced version of this item includes shoulder support which wraps in a X shaped pattern across the upper back giving additional support. Pricing on these products range from $20-$100 depending on the material used in manufacturing and company name.

For those who are not as active and sit in a desk chair often, back supports that fit between the person and chair are also recommended. These can be made of various materials including plastic or foam. The chair supports fit underneath your buttocks and leg area as well as onto the vertical area of the chair. These give constant, targeted support to areas prone to pain and help people with support as they are in the seated position. Advanced models include attachments that generate heat or even massage areas that tend to generate pain. Pricing on these models of support devices can range from $50 for a simple wedge to hundreds of dollars for full lumbar support with heat/massage capability.

A new product to come to market is the inversion table which allows people to hang upside-down by their ankles on a fully supported backboard. The feature of this device is to allow the spine to decompress from gravity as you hang with your head at the floor and feet in the air. The most popular product of this type is the Teeter inversion table which comes standard with foam ankle supports, plastic table/bed to lie on, and is made of heavy gauge steel. The Teeter model even comes with acupuncture attachments which help with pressure points in the body to give the user even more help for their pain.

While there are many more products for back pain relief, these will give some level of satisfaction to those looking to help with their pain.

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