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Back Pain Medications: Take or Resist?

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With the gluttony of back pain medications available to doctors, those suffering from intense lower back pain might want to reconsider the effects (short and long-term) of taking such prescriptions. While not all will cause issues, some of the medicine for back pain prescribed could affect health over the course of the patient’s life. Other options might be available including exercise, support braces and acupuncture.

Some of the more common medicines for back pain provide patients with temporary relief to allow them to function normally in today’s world but these might not be the perfect solution. One potential side effect of medicines could be addiction to the drug itself which would cause even more complications besides the initial back pain. Other side effects include nausea, and difficulty sleeping.

These back pain medications come in many different forms in order to help those who are suffering with this painful situation. Most common for sufferers are oral pain medicines given as pills or liquids.

Some are over the counter found at any local store such as Wal-Mart or Walgreens. Others, which are more powerful and even considered controlled substances, are by prescription only. Some of these even have very strict rules in order to refill the original prescription for fear of abusing these strong medicines.

To further dive into this area, many people are first referred to taking commonly found medicines such as Ibuprofen or NSAIDs such as Aleve. These often help with minor back pain relief and keep people from the more powerful and potentially dangerous prescribed medications available from a doctor. But these can become diluted if taken in larger quantites to relive discomfort and should be taken according to the directions by the manufacturer.

Also found in local stores are many varieties of topical medicines for back pain. Products like these are able to be directly applied to the skin such as pads or patches that heat or cool the area affected by extreme lower back pain. These are only temporary relief but often work well as they are applied directly to the skin and area affected which brings some immediate relief. Common brands are seem often in advertisements, many times with sports stars endorsing them due to their own ailments, are ThermaCare, Salonpas as well as regular heating pads.

One other possible source of relief would be injections for back pain to the area with anti-inflammatory medicine in the needle. While this is more of an instant relief than other methods such as oral medicines or over the counter options, the effect can help those in severe pain quicker. But these are not available to be given as frequently as other types of help.

Always consult a health professional before entering in a plan for using medicine for back pain.